Stromboli: The magic of the Aeolian Islands

Stromboli: The magic of the Aeolian Islands


Stromboli is a must-see of your holiday in Sicily on a luxury yacht charter. Located to the north of the archipelago, the island and the nearby islet of Strombolicchio are a pearl of the sea, exuding a timeless atmosphere.

Persistent volcanic activity on the sciara del fuoco, a laval scar running down the flank of the mountain, is the island’s signature attraction. Dramatic explosions of lava occurring every 20-10 minutes entice yachters and thrill-seekers that can enjoy them from the deck of boat at sunset.

Once a busy island and important economic hub, Stromboli was almost totally abandoned in the 1930s, following a violent eruption. For twenty years, the island fell into oblivion until Roberto Rossellini made it the set of his neorealist masterwork Stromboli. Decades before, Jules Verne had set here the end of his novel Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Since the 1950s, Stromboli’s wonderful sea, nature, and traditional atmosphere have drawn crowds of tourists who love its taste of authenticity and leisure, away from other more popular holiday destinations in Sicily. Walking in the dark on streets with no electricity and hopping on a mule to reach the splendid medieval settlement of Ginostra are truly unique experiences.

Anchor off one of Stromboli’s striking beaches of fine volcanic sand for a few days of relaxing sun-drenching. You can choose from comfortable expanses of sand to secluded caves for a swim away from the crowd.

Sailing to this island on a luxury yacht charter leaves one spoilt for choice. The beach of Forgia Vecchia sits at the foot of the volcano and can be accessed only by boat or foot. Scari, a shingle beach not far from the settlement of San Vincenzo, affords a lovely view of Strombolicchio. Embark on an exploration of the rugged coastline on foot, or on a luxury yacht to encounter Ficogrande, a busy beach of pebbles and black sand, and the secluded Punta Vena boasting a unique strand of gray granite. For a great swim, stop in Piscità.

The rural settlement of Ginostra is certainly the pride of the island with the gorgeous natural pools and snorkeling site of Piscinette di Ginostra accessible only by boat. Sail to this dreamy spot on your luxury yacht charter for a wonderful day of splendid isolation. For yet another exciting adventure, go on a boat excursion of the stunning grotto and natural arch on Lazzaro beach.

Charting a boat with Silver Star Yachting is the best way to enjoy Stromboli’s natural beauty and do a tour of its glorious hidden coves and inlets.


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