St. Lucia: 1001 ways to enjoy the Caribbean

St Lucia

An untamed rainforest, an array of superlative beaches, and a balmy climate make St. Lucia one of the top-rated yachting destinations of the Caribbean. The island boasts impressive nature sites, including the Pitons World Heritage site, two adjacent volcanic spires blanketed by vegetation, where a continuous flow of lava pours out of the cracks in the soil.

St. Lucia owes its distinctive look of tropical haven to the many inebriating species of tropical flowers and plants that grow all over its soil. Visible from the sea, this colorful landscape beckons the tourists who stop on the island while touring the Windward Islands on a luxury yacht charter.


St. Lucia is, like many other islands of the Caribbean archipelago, a volcanic site, boasting an array of golden and black sandy beaches. Almost all of these lay on the northern shore, including Vigie (also known as the Rendez-vous expanse) and ChocBay. Families travelling with children can head to fully-equipped beach clubs of Marisule Beach and Reduit Beach, beloved by fans of water sports. Explore the nature reserve of Pigeon Island aboard a luxury yacht charter to encounter an array of secluded coves, including the glorious Causeway Beach.


Moor in MarigotBay and enjoy a relaxing day stretched on the fine sand of AnseCochon, where snorkeling is strongly recommended. AnseMamim is another suggestive swathe that can be accessed only by boat. The Pitons predominate over the characteristic tropical strands of MalgretouteBeach and AnsedePitons. The other side of St Lucia boasts beaches of dark volcanic sand framed by beguiling pristine waters. Sab Wee Sha Beach Park and SandyBeach are hotspots of nautical skiing, sailing, diving, and snorkeling.


The colorful marine life of the island makes St. Lucia a diving paradise, while the consistent stiff breeze provides the perfect excuse for rewarding windsurfing and kitesurfing sessions. For a taste of St Lucian nightlife, the clubs in the north of the island host Friday parties for tourists, which go on most of the night. Often these events feature food stalls selling the delicious local cuisine.


Don’t miss the opportunity to join an all-day excursion to the interior that includes a hike of the Pitons through canyons and across the rainforest.


The breath-taking diversity of St. Lucia will stay with you long after you head back home after a vacation to the Caribbean on a luxury yacht charter.


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