St. Thomas: Sport, sea, and the Caribbean

Saint Thomas

Saint Thomas, one of the finest destinations of the British Virgin Islands to visit on luxury yacht charter, boasts one of the best ports of the Caribbean archipelago.

The capital Charlotte Amelie, hanging off the hills around the marina, is a colonial village immersed in a nostalgic and romantic atmosphere.


From June to October you can go big game fishing in the waters of Saint Thomas. For fans of water sports, the island offers an array of activities, including diving, kayaking in the mangroves, and windsurfing.


If you are willing to spend some hours surrounded by nature, instead, bike on the exciting footpaths and rough roads of Water Island. For a different experience of Saint Thomas,enjoy a spectacular view of the island and its seabed on a helicopter tour.


The Coral World Ocean Park is one of Saint Thomas’s biggest attractions, where you can swim with the sharks, enjoy the company of sea lions, or embark on excursions of the area.


Magens Bay is one of the finest beaches of the island, one not to miss if you are touring the British Virgin Islands on a luxury charter. To the right of the bay lies the unpopulated Little Magens that can be accessed only by boat. Another striking destination is the unspoilt Vessup Beach.


An old plantation houses the Old Stone Farmhouse, one of the most exclusive restaurants in the whole of the British Virgin Islands, with a satisfying choice of wines and meat cuts.


Once you choose to set sail to the Caribbean on a Silver Star Yachting luxury charter, you will delight in the glamorous and relaxing atmosphere of the sandy beaches and enchanting sunsets of Saint Thomas and the British Virgin Islands.



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