Procida: The peaceful Gulf of Naples

Procida: The peaceful Gulf of Naples


Not far from their bigger sister, the island of Ischia, Procida and the nearby islet of Vivara are a desirable destination for a day full of good food and a dip in the sea. Low and sandy coasts alternate with strips of high and rugged coasts overlooking the sea. A nice alternating promontories, bays and coves that offer an ideal shelter to navigation. Featured by three ports positioned on different sides of the island, Procida also includes the Regno di Nettuno Protected Marine Area.



On the horizon you can see the first charming part of the island of Procida: the colorful groups of houses characterized by a polychrome pastel shades, eye catcher for the sailors who were returning home. Full of arches and rampant stairs, many of Procida’s buildings have evocative terraces from where you can enjoy the view of the sea in all its beauty.

After docking with your yacht in the port of Marina Grande, you can admire Palazzo Montefusco (called “Catena” or “Merlato” ) and the platform “under caves” (so called because of the many caves dug into the tuff below the dock, actually used as warehouses). The town of Procida consists of nine districts: the small town of Terra Murata, the characteristic fishermen’s village of Coricella, Sent’Co, the commercial and turistic ports of Marina Grande and the Chiaiolella. Other typical villages absolutely to visit are San Leonardo, Santissima Annunziata, Sant’Antuono and the namesake but just as characteristic Sant’Antonio.

On the left side of the harbor, you can walk along Via Roma enjoying the sea air and the strong religiosity of the place represented by the large wooden cross erected in 1845 by the local fishermen and by the churches both in the square of Sent’Co and in the De Martiri square. Behind the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, pass the two climbs (roads from the island of Procida) you can see the village of Terra Murata and the colorful houses of Marina Coccinella. Continuing to climb, you can see the Castle (Royal Palace) overlooking the sea: an intricate maze of picturesque streets constitues the village, a place of enchantment and really impossible not to visit.

Do not miss, if you have enough time, a quick visit to the islet of Vivara (or Vivaro), connected to the island of Procida through a small charming bridge. The portion of the earth is nothing but the extreme west of the old volcano that has given rise to some of the Phlegrean islands. Today it has the status of WWF protected area and is “spoiled” by the local nature organizations in accordance with the Campania Region.


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