Portofino: The eighth wonder of the Mediterranean

Portofino: The eighth wonder of the Mediterranean


Portofino brings to mind a vision of sorbet-colored houses and a romantic marina crowded with boats. Dubbed the eight wonder of the world. Travelers love to visit this tiny fisherman village while cruising along the Italian coast on a luxury charter.


The vision of this piece of Liguria from the deck of a luxury yacht charter is simply amazing. The façades of the pastel-colored houses overlooking the marina dot a crescent promenade. Old pines and olive groves line the area, with characteristic fishing vessels and modest boats adding the last touch to a poster-perfect scenario. The emerald sea reflects glimpses of the life underwater, holding the promise of exciting diving and snorkeling adventures.

The coastline features several bays and inlets sprinkled with secluded beaches that can be accessed only by boat. Paraggi is one of these special places, where transparent waters reflect the colors of sky and vegetation.

The enchanting bay of San Fruttuoso can be accessed by boat or foot, via a two-hour trek through the vineyards. The area, a diving spot, is administered by Monte Portofino Nature Park. The waters house the impressive statue called Christ of the Abyss.

Walk to Brown Castle, a 16th century castle, to gaze out over the peninsula, or head to Genoa for a visit to the Aquarium, it takes less than a hour.

Sitting in a nook of the Ligurian Riviera, between the gulfs of Tigullio and Paradiso, Portofino is home to one thousand residents but welcomes countless national and international celebrities who head here on their megayachts, sailing and motorboats. A destination of luxury tourism in the 1960s and 1970s, Portofino continues to host glamorous parties that draw a celebrity yachting crowd. The Carillion in Paraggi, Covo Nord Est, and the Wine Rose are only some of the most exclusive clubs and bars of the village.

Thanks to its elegant atmosphere, Portofino is a great destination to visit during a holiday on a luxury yacht charter.


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