Palermo: Art, history, and tradition in Sicily

Palermo: Art, history, and tradition in Sicily


An masterpiece of Arab-Norman culture, the cradle of the Mediterranean civilization, Palermo is one of Italy’s most gorgeous cities and certainly one of the wonders of the world. Not too popular with tourists, it is, instead, a unique melting-pot of art and tradition that cannot be missing from you top-destination list. Palermo brings to mind a fragrant sea breeze, colorful collages of characteristic carts, and the smell of mouth-watering delicacies, like the famous cassata and cannolo.

As a big port center, Palermo boasts advanced berthing facilities for yacht mooring. Located at a stone’s throw from the historical center, Porto Arenella, Palermo’s main port, is a modern hub of the international nautical tourism with a sandy seabed that can accommodate 150 boats up to 35mt. Arenella Port provides stern mooring cleats, bollards, and floating docks. Berths feature water, electricity, fire-fighting equipment, and other facilities for stress-free mooring. Porto Arenella is a convenient base for cruising to the nearby Aeolian Islands of Salina, Lipari, Stromboli and Panarea.

Palermo is filled with architectural traces of its multicultural history. Strolling its streets that brim with an impressive variety of buildings and churches is an awe-inspiring experience.

The sweet climate calls for strolling the streets around the seafront and going the extra mile to the core of the town to shop at elegant boutiques, handicraft stores, and pastry shops. What to visit in Palermo on a break from cruising on a luxury yacht charter? The town has a lot to offer! There is the impressive Cathedral consecrated to the Virgin; the Arab-Norman-Spanish Palazzo dei Normanni with the Palatine Chapel containing precious byzantine mosaics, among Sicily’s finest works of art. If you are a fan of ancient history, head to the Catacombs. Alternatively, visit Palermo’s many markets, like Capo and Borgo Vecchio (by the port and teeming with life even at night) for a touch of authentic Sicily.

No matter where you are, you simply must try Sicilian gastronomy. It will be love at first taste. Stalls and cheap restaurants abound, selling colorful slushes (granitas), characteristic prickly pears, and an array of typical street foods like the renowned arancine, crocché, panelle, flavored with spices and pistachios.

Palermo has many glorious beaches, like spiagge di Cala Gallo, a rock-strewn expanse in the Nature Reserve of Capo Gallo, and the shallows of Capaci. Both locations are dive and snorkeling sites. Another great place to dive is Addura located in the gulf of Mondello. Sferracavallo is equally lovely. Have a bite of delicious fish on Vergine Maria, or charter a yacht and cruise to Cala Rossa, a tiny secluded inlet exuding a magical charm.

More dazzling beaches are Mondello and SantaFlavia with Secca delle Formiche. This dive site can be toured only by private charter, making it the perfect haven for a stop during your stay in Sicily on a luxury yacht charter. Loveliest of all is Cefalù: an appealing sea resort out of Palermo, renown for its naturalistic beauty, beguiling crystal-clear water, and attractive facilities.

A beautiful sea, striking architecture, an amazing gastronomy, and lots of history: Palermo simply is a must-see of your Mediterranean holiday on a luxury yacht charter.


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