Minorca: The tiny gem of the Balearics

Minorca: The tiny gem of the Balearics


The second largest island of the Balearic Archipelago, Minora is an exotic and quaint paradise exuding an atmosphere of Spanish authenticity. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is best enjoyed on a luxury yacht charter.

Minorca boasts hundreds of bays and secret reaches, countless beaches, and a 48km stretch of coastline that yachters adore exploring on motor or sailingboat.

Cala Coves is a striking pool of water encircled by bluffs that can be reached by a 40-minute footpath. Moor in Cala Pregonda to enjoy the stunning beauty of its waters and golden sand. The tiny bay of Playa de Son Mercaduret attracts divers with its seabed of mixed sand and rocks and unique vegetation.

Minorca is an island to discover. While the rock-strewn beaches located in the north boast unspoilt nature and a wild scenery of red sand and emerald sea, to the south visitors are welcomed by ribbons of bone-white sand, piney retreats, and azure waters.

Visit Mahon, the cosmopolitan capital of the island, where traces of British colonialism emerge from the blend of modern and old architecture.

You can’t miss a visit to Basilica des Fornàs de Torelló, Carre Sa Rovellada de Dalt and Mirador es Pont des Castell to gaze out over the town. The marina afford a long list of culinary and entertainment options. Considerably less busy than the other islands of the archipelago, Minorca is a haven of tranquility and peaceful seafaring. Its mix of natural beauties and pristine waters make it a great spot to laid back as you experience the Mediterranean from the deck of a sailing or motorboat charter.


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