Lipari: The heart of the Aeolian archipelago

Lipari: The heart of the Aeolian archipelago


Lipari is the biggest and busiest of the Aeolian Islands and also the main transportation hub of the area. Its municipality administers most of the islands that make up the archipelago, including Vulcano, Stromboli, Filicudi, and Alicudi. With a mountainous interior, rugged coastline, and pristine waters, Lipari is the epitome of Mediterranean beauty. The island is renowned for the obsidian quarries of Canneto and dramatic scenery that can be enjoyed from its numerous panoramic headland walks. In the distance, the pumice caves cast a characteristic turquoise hue on the surroundings. The island has also a good offer of cultural sites to enjoy perhaps on less sunny days, such as the Archeological Museum and Park, and the Acropolis.

Lipari offers a variety of options for letting and accommodation, as well as berthing facilities for luxury yacht charters. Its dimensions and strategic location make it a perfect destination for tourists in search of the right blend of tranquility and glamor. Lipari’s cultural offer includes St Bartholomew’s Cathedral and Castle-Citadel located on a 50m clifftop.

The island boasts a variety of picture-perfect marine sites, like Punta Canneto, Acquacalda, Valle Muria and Spiaggia Bianca, listed as Lipari’s most beautiful spot. Tourists can head to one of several fully-equipped beach clubs, like the busy Porticello, or sail to more secluded strands, like the lovely Papesca, sitting by a pumice quarry. Snorkeling enthusiasts love to explore the seabed of the isolated cove of Vinci, not far from PuntaCaperazza, considered one of the finest strands of the island. The beach boasts a series of coves that stretch out to Marina Corta, the best mooring spot in the area.

Lipari, like basically every other Sicilian town, is also a culinary hotspot. Make sure to taste the delicious almonds that grow in abundance on the island.

Travellers who reach Lipari on a luxury boat chartered with Silver Star Yachting can moor in Sottomonastero or Marina Corta and step ashore to enjoy the island’s rich entertainment offer of restaurants and clubs. Lipari also boasts several spots to spend a night in the shallows.

Dipping in and out of the aquamarine sea, snorkeling a colorful seabed, stretching out for an afternoon of pure relaxation: Lipari is a vibrant destination of the Aeolian archipelago that is best enjoyed on a luxury yacht charter.


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