Isole Egadi

A few kilometers off the western coast of Sicily, only a few miles off the ports of Trapani and Marsala lay the Egadi Islands. This world-famous archipelago comprises nine islands, some as big as bluffs. The glorious Favignana, Levanzo, and Marettimo are the three main centers. They sit inside Europe’s largest marine reserve, where tourists are allowed to moor, sail along guided itineraries, and practice water sports like diving and fishing at the 14 MBMs located on the three main islands.

For environmental reasons, only a limited number of boats can access the area. Yachters can apply for daily mooring authorization on a dedicated website. If you plan to charter a yacht during your holiday in the Mediterranean and visit the Egadi Islands, make sure to check the local regulation. Given the archipelago’s importance as a symbol of Environmental Education and preservation, the islands are the ideal site to teach kids about respecting and caring for the environment, all the while spending unforgivable moments.


The Egadi’s low-key charm is a guarantee of peaceful and relaxing vacations in the Mediterranean on a yacht charter. Anchor off any one of the many bays that punctuate the coastlines of Favignana, Levanto, and Marettimo, where the blue sea reflects the lush colors of the redolent vegetation.


Favignana boasts several small, sandy beaches with diving and snorkeling spots. Its more than 30 kilometers of unspoilt coastline are sprinkled with beautiful sites that can be easily accessed by yacht charter, like Cala Rossa, Calamoni, and Lido Burrone. For easy mooring, sail to the natural harbor of Cala Rotonda. If you want to stay in the town walk, instead, to the beach of Cala Azzurra.


Grottos and caves are Marettino’s main attractions. Sun-drenched expanses of sand sheltered by nature are only a part of the island’s appeal. To enjoy its finest sites, hop on your yacht charter and explore the picturesque hollows of Grotta del Cammello, Grotta del Tuono, Grotta della Pipa and Grotta del Presepio. Grotta Perciata is perhaps the most striking cave, given its aspect resembling a wound.


Levanzo is also worthy a visit, if you plan to visit the Egadi Island during your holiday in Sicily on a yacht charter. Visit the picturesque Grotta Genovese and sail to the Faraglione isle.


The Egadi Islands are a tiny natural paradise that should be included in your Mediterranean adventure on a luxury yacht charter.

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