Filicudi: Time travel in the Aeolian archipelago

Filicudi: Time travel in the Aeolian archipelago


The imposing Mount Felci (700mt) predominates the headland of the Aeolian island of Filicudi, a lovely landmass suspended between tradition and modernity. Each of Filicudi’s centers is a tiny gem of rural beauty: Filicudi Porto, Valdichiesa, Pecorini, Pecorini a mare, Canale, and Rocca di Ciavoli. Counting only 250 inhabitants scattered across these settlements, in the summer this ancestral island accommodates a crowd ten times its population.

In spite of its small dimensions and remote location, Filicudi knows how to welcome the flocks of yachters that sail to its shore on luxury charters. Stimpagnato’s splendid sunset with a view of the nearby Alicudi in the background, the Neolithic ruins of Capo Graziano and the Bue Marino, the biggest grotto of the Aeolians, entice travelers year after years. Divers flock to the Underwater Museum to learn about the Greek remains and wreckages from expert guides.

Filicudi’s off-the-beaten-track charm makes it a fascinating, if remote, spot to discover on your Sicilian holiday on a luxury yacht charter. Cruise along the coast to spot secluded coves and enjoy great swimming and pure relaxation in the pristine waters of Capo Graziano, Scoglio La Canna, spiagge de LePunte, Pecorini Mare, and spiaggia del Porto.

It can be hard to reach Filicudi. The island’s only berthing facilities are located in the nice seafront of Porto and Pecorini Mare. Filicudi is yet another destination of the Aeolian archipelago that is best enjoyed on a boat charter. This option allows for fast and easy island-hopping and line-of-sight sailing along the Sicilian coastline.


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