Dubrovnik: Authentic Croatia

Dubrovnik: Authentic Croatia


George Bernard Shaw once wrote: “those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik”. Anchoring your sailing or motorboat in the marina you feel immediately compelled to agree with Shaw. This sweet and romantic town extending between sea and land exudes the typical Dalmatian charm. Croatia is a dream come true sitting right in the heart of the Mediterranean. Include the town, with its wonderful surroundings punctuated with intimate coves and romantic strands, in the itinerary of your holiday in Croatia on a luxury charter.

Dubrovnik is like an animated oil painting: the shimmering red houses perched on dramatic cliffs overlooking the cobalt-blue waters of the bay are a vision from a fairytale that fills one with awe. The Old Town, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was razed during the Yugoslavian war and later restored to its original glory.

In a way, the war was a blessing, allowing the city to rose from its ashes more majestically than ever. Its unmatched artistic heritage and vast choice of attractions draw a large tourist crowd that knows how to enjoy the town, eating out at starred restaurants where delectable dishes are accompanied by a impressive choice of fine-tasting wines. Today, many call Dubrovnik the pearl of the Adriatic. The vibrant nightlife that starts right after sunset is alive with tourists swarming glamorous nightclubs and lounge bars.

For a dramatic sight of the town and coastline take the cable car to MtSrđ. Don’t forget to bring your camera: the stupendous perspective simply begs to be photographed. For fans of extreme sports, the Dalmatian mountains feature rough roads for biking, walking treks, and climbing sites.

But the sea is the main attraction. Redolent Mediterranean scrub, luminous waters and ribbons of sand beckon yachters to make a stop in Dubrovnik on their luxury charter holiday of Croatia. The town boasts many picture-perfect beaches like the famous Copacabana affording several water activities and the busy Banje and Buze just out of Old Town, where tourist gather for a cocktails at sunset. For water skiing and kayaking head to the stunning St Jacob. A 40-minute cruise brings you to the tiny Sunji beach and Lacroma outcrop lying opposite the Old Town.

The beauty of Dubrovnik’s marble streets, museums and baroque buildings, its beaches and sport activities never fail to attract tourists. It is simply impossible to cruise to this coast and not stop for a day (or a few!) in this glorious town.


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