Dominica: Extraordinary Caribbean


Anchoring off Dominica during a cruise of the Caribbean on a yacht charter is just great. The last island to be colonized, it preserves much of its original charm consisting of volcanic mountains, untamed rainforest, placid lakes, and geysers.

The low-key nightlife and the lack of direct international flights make it an off-the-beaten-path kind of destination. Trekkers love to follow the footpaths across the rainforest to the ebullient lakes of this emerald island, which is really a wild paradise.


Dominica houses the world’s second largest boiling lake. Sheltered by tropical vegetation, it sits at the bottom of a sinkhole-like basin, where lava makes the rainwater boil. The dense steam lingers on the surface of the lake and across the forest. Considered the lung of Dominica, this ancestral rainforest encloses waterfalls, trekking paths, and canyons.


Diving and snorkeling by precipitous cliffs in the island’s crystal-clear sea where you see as far 80 mt are is highly recommended. The water teems with a colorful life. You can whale-watch all through the year to spot dolphins, sperm whales, and other sea mammals.


Dominica is a gem of the Windward Islands. The blend of colonial and modern architecture that lines the seafront of Roseau, the capital city, beckons the tourists arriving here on sailing and motorboats. Visit the botanical garden and the colorful spice and handicraft markets to soak in the exotic atmosphere of bygone times. Leave the town for excursions to the thermal springs and famous Trafalgar waterfalls, or go the extra mile to the nearby settlement of Portsmouth, boasting pastel-painted houses and lovely little streets.


The island’s nightlife is mostly found in Roseau, where several bars offer live musical entertainment, especially during the weekend.


If you get to Dominica on a luxury yacht charter, sail to ToucaraBay for peaceful swimming in the beautiful waters. The bays of Calibishie, Batibou, and Soufireré offer an array of watersports for the enthusiast, including diving and snorkeling. Another great spot is the rocky outcrop of ScottsHead, to the southwest of the island.


To travelers in search of adventures in the heart of nature, Dominica offers an almost entirely unspoilt interior, dominated by some of the highest mountains in the Caribbean, like MourneDiablotin.


Sailing the Windward Islands under the warm Caribbean sun and on a luxury charter promises to be exciting if you approach these waters with the right dose of adventurous spirit.


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