Corfu: Greece, love at first sight

Corfu: Greece, love at first sight


If you are planning to charter a luxury yacht and sail to Greece for a holiday, make sure to stop by Corfu, the pearl of the Ionian Sea. Renowned for its natural beauty, luminous expanses of sand and quiet coves, it is a magical place, one step away from other, more crowded Greek destinations.

Considered one of Greece’s most beautiful sites because of its glorious coastline and charming interiors, Corfu has a special,historical and cultural bond with Italy. It is easy to spot the Italian influence in the architecture and atmosphere of the settlement enopen by the city walls.

Corfu is a magnet for fans of water sports like competitive sailing. The island has several docking sites that can accommodate luxury sailing and motorboats up to tens of meters. The coastline dotted with magnificent sandy beaches is the pride of the island. Jump on your luxury yacht charter and go on a hunt of the secluded coves that punctuate the coast. You won’t be disappointed.

Paleokastritsa (where Ulysses landed after the shipwreck), Sidari, Kavos, and Ermones are the loveliest of all. Families with children often head to the comfortable expanse of Agios Giorgios, to the south of the island.

Corfu is best enjoyed in the spring and summer, when the weather allows tourists full access to the island’s attractions: the dazzling sea that puts one in mind of exotic locations; the golden beaches; the delightful resorts; the quaint fisherman villages; the verdant expanse of the interior, and the charming settlements that bear traces of the island’s Neapolitan, Venetian, and English colonization.

Corfu is a dream come true that you will be happy to have included in your holiday to Greece on a luxury yacht charter.

Once chartered a boat with Silver Star Yachting sail off to Corfu: the island has many yacht clubs with all the modern amenities for yachters.

The island’s two main landing places are the marinas of Naok and Gouvia, both equipped with berthing facilities. Other ports are Mandraki for sailing vessels, and the old harbor, a small bay that caters predominantly to local fishermen.

The islets off Corfu’s shore, like Passo, also boast berthing facilities and can be toured by boat.


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