Capri yacht charter:  the sea, the elegance

Capri yacht charter: the sea, the elegance


The island of Capri offers stunning views and one of the most intense shades of the sea that you can see in the world. From this and from the famous Grotta Blu comes the nickname of Blue Island. Known around the world for its Piazzetta and the Faraglioni, Capri is really a perfect destination for those who love exclusive nightlife and charming glimpses that the island can offer.


After docking with your charter in the cozy port of Marina Grande (well served and structured for cruise passengers) you can plan a great day in Capri. A nice tour of the island and a relaxing bath in the waters of several beaches seems to be an attractive program.

There are two options: to rely on one of the very organized local guides for a hint about which route to follow or be carried away by the instinct of the moment. If you choose to be led around by a guide, Marina Grande is a great place to find the best of them: at the port there are all the facilities and services tailored to the needs of those who visit Capri. If your desire is to explore the island by yourself then there will be spoiled for choice.

Ten minutes away from the tourist and commercial port of Capri, there is the striking Grotta Azzurra: beloved by the inhabitants and by those who visit this timeless island. The thrill of getting on a rowing boat, hanging your heads in the narrow entryway just over a meter high and finding yourself in the darkness and then enjoy the explosion of crystal reflections in a cave with stone walls. A truly unique.

You can visit the cave all year (it just depends on the weather) and the ideal time is from 12pm to 2pm. You can also get close to the cave with your own boat, moor it and being taken by one of the boatmen. A charming visit, not to be missed.

After a good lunch in one of the restaurants of the charming and picturesque village of Anacapri, with its colorful fishermen’s houses, you can make a quick visit to the Villa San Michele (the house – museum of Swedish writer Alex Munthe) from whose terrace you can enjoy the magical view of Faraglioni.

It’s impossible not to stop in the Piazzetta for a coffee, a tasty drink or a glass of wine. A walk to go shopping is a must along Via Camerelle. The small Capri’s Via Condotti is a must for lovers of luxury shopping: here there is the highest concentration of haute couture stores of the world. Walking till the end of this street, you come to Via Tragara, from which viewpoint you can observe from a new and surreal angle the Faraglioni in all their grandeur.

In the early afternoon, from Marina Grande you can climb on Mount Solaro with a fun journey on the chair lift to enjoy a breathtaking view. For the return, the advice is to go down the path and to arm themselves with hiking shoes and water: a headlong descent to the village of Anacapri.

After dining at one of the most charming restaurants of the port, you can get back on board, lulled by the lapping of the waves and following with his eyes the flight of seagulls on the horizon, to observe the beauty of the image of Capri in the world: the romantics and magic Faraglioni, the best view of which is exactly from the yacht.

An alternative that many people choose, is a magical dinner on board with the view of Capri’s imposing monoliths to act as protagonists of the romantic setting. A table, the breeze that gives the right atmosphere and delightful champagne. An evening for two for a lasting memory of the blue island.

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