Barbuda: The Caribbean you always dreamed about


The island of Barbuda is a short distance from Antigua. This small flat isle, whose highest peak raises only 38 meters above sea level, is a beloved destination of luxury yacht charting. Codrington, the capital city, is the only inhabited spot of the island, boasting an impressively unspoilt natural environment and almost timeless atmosphere. From the deck of your boat you will hardly spot any trace of human presence.

Bonefishing and cave exploration are common in the shallows around Barbuda. The island’s biggest and most striking cave is Darby’s, located 10km from Codrington in the heart of the rainforest. Palm trees reach up to 30 meters in this area.


Pelicans love Barbuda’s coast. They are only one of many species of birds that call this island home. Birdwatchers cannot miss visiting the Frigade Bird Sanctuary, a huge reserve preserving the island’s incredible animal life.


This tiny island, measuring only 160km acrpss, is a sun-drenched paradise. Palmetto Point and Cedar Tree Points are ideal spots to stretch out and soak up the laid-back atmosphere, or dive in the crystal-clear waters of this natural pool. Head to Gravenor Bay for exciting snorkeling experiences.


Enjoying the beauty of unspoilt, pearl-white strands is only one of many reasons to visit this island. Make sure to include Barbuda in the itinerary of your stay in the Caribbean Archipelago on a luxury charter.


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