Antigua: Relax in a wonderful location


If you are a haggard traveller looking for a spot to unwind, search no further: the beguiling Antigua is the perfect destination of a holiday to the Leeward Islands on a luxury yacht charter. Sail around the atoll and explore the many sheltered coves sprinkled along the coast. Anchor in the azure waters of a beautiful inlet, get sun-drenched on the palmy strands, or snorkel the coral reef for a sight of the colorful marine life. The water is so transparent that you will get a clear view of the reef from the deck of your boat.

The sight from the dock is of a shiny green island of fine sand, dotted with elegant resorts overlooking the sea. The experience ashore is of excursions and countless attractions for water sports enthusiasts.


Save some time to visit St. John’s, the capital city where architectural traces of the British colonial presence blend in with the wild scenery. Unfortunately, not many of the original buildings are still standing, but the city houses the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda containing documents of the island’s colonial history, from the slave era to the present.


Hike to Fig Tree Hill to zipline across treetops, then stretch out on the sand for a relaxing beer at sunset. Antigua is not wanting of dining spots if you are in for a taste of the local cuisine. A good choice of bars and clubs, many with live musical entertainment, keep tourists busy until the early hours of the morning.


It would be a pity to scratch off Antigua from the itinerary of your vacation of the British Virgin Islands on a luxury charter.


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