Alicudi: An enchanting island

Alicudi: An enchanting island


Alicudi is perhaps the most exclusively secluded paradise of the Aeolian archipelago. With only minimal facilities, no boutiques and no clubs, it truly is a place out of time. If your goal is to enjoy splendid isolation in the heart of nature, Alicudi is your dream destination.

Alicudi is not exactly a busy hub. Its beautiful coastline punctuated by steep cliffs is not easy to access, although things have begun to change since berthing facilities for luxury yacht charters were built in Paloma (by the Old Harbor).

Excluded from the busy yachting circuit that touches the other Aeolian Islands, Alicudi’s charm is that of a simple, authentic place. Yet, the island is not wanting of beautiful sites and its transparent waters make for lovely hours of swimming away from the crowd on your luxury boat charter.

The island owes its old name of Ericussa to the heather that blankets the interior, holding Alicudi in a picturesque embrace. A mere 34 nautical milesfromLipari, the island is dominated by Filo dell’Arpa, the top of one of the many underwater volcanoes dotting the seabed of this corner of the Mediterranean. Measuring 5km across, the rugged coastline is best approached by yacht, with good mooring spots off the southern shore. Sudden gushes of cold air (rifrascatura) invigorate the balmy climate, which can get quite stuffy in the summer months.

The eastern shore houses the only settlements of the island, made up of rustic dwellings and the tiny church of St. Bartholomew. Sezzo della Farcona and Timpone delle Femmine are Alicudi’s main sites of historic and cultural interest.

Explore small coves huddling below picturesque cliffs and natural arches (called perciati) on a luxury yacht charter. A lively seabed and the wonders that lay underwater by the bluff Scoglio di Jalera attract expert and novice divers. The waters also teem with fish, drawing flocks of fishermen and fans of marine life to Alicudi. Don’t let the rough silhouette of this island stop you from enjoying a romantic walk along charming footpaths sprinkled with heather and wild flowers.

Except for the town beach of Alicudi (the settlement), the beaches can be accessed only by boat. Use the berthing dock ofPalomba as a base to sail off to Porto, ScoglioJadera and Sciara dell’Arpa for a taste of the island’s extraordinary marine spots. Here, some of the cliffs reach up to 500mt, affording a sublime spectacle that continues below water. Snorkeling is recommended along the northern and western coastline.

Charter a motor or sailing boat for a cruise around the island, or moor in Alicudi Porto to enjoy a walk on the explanade and peer at the luxury boats that occasionally stop in the island. The area features a few handicraft shops and the quaint Chiesa del Carmine.

Alicudi can be the scene of many adventurous explorations for true fans of trekking. Mule is the chief form of transportation on the unshaded dirt roads. These paths afford to gaze out over majestic scenery of unspoilt nature and beauty. If you like to spend some time surrounded by nature, include Alicudi in the itinerary of your holiday on the Aeolian Islands on a luxury charter. Boat excursions and ferries leave from the island’s port to Sicily and all the nearest destinations


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