Live la Dolce Vita in Sicily on a yacht

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  • 30/06/2017

In Sicilia a bordo di uno yacht di lusso a noleggio

Charter a luxury boat and leave on an unforgettable holiday in Sicily, the island that will win your heart with bays of crystal-clear waters, wonderful underwater vistas and… the delicious creations of local confectioners!

Sicily also boasts a rich history that brings together many civilizations that have met here through the centuries, leaving behind baroque buildings, Oriental churches, and luxurious royal abodes.

Taormina Sicilia Noleggio Yacht Lusso

The Italian island has charmed Hollywood stars and international celebrities. Follow in their steps with our exciting tour of the cult locations of La Dolce Vita. Dock your luxury charter and embark on an exclusive adventure on an… Ape Calessino! Let the three-wheel commercial vehicle carry you around on a regenerating experience of slow and relaxing discovery of Sicily’s beauty. You will stay at Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo in Taormina.


Discover Taormina, the Theatre and Casa Cuseni on the Ape Calessino

Opposite Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo is the Ancient Theatre dating to Greek-Roman times that enraptured Goethe on his Sicilian tour of 1787. Today it hosts the prestigious Taormina Film Festival as well as many shows and cultural events.

Taormina Teatro Noleggio Yacht

Visit Casa Cuseni, rising in the shadows of the rock of Taormina. This villa, built by Englishmen at the time Sicily was the set of a Leopard-like lifestyle, has served as one of the island’s beloved salons. Erected between the two World Wars by the painter Robert Kitson, it has welcomed prominent figures the likes of David Herbert Lawrence, Greta Garbo, Henry Faulkner, and Pablo Picasso. At present this UNESCO “international monument” is a museum featuring frescoes, furniture, and art pieces.


From the Botanical Gardens to Castelmola, in the footsteps of La Dolce Vita in Taormina

Our tour of Sicily in the footsteps of La Dolce Vita includes a stop at “Parco Colonna” Botanical Garden, created by Florence Trevelyan on a hill located near the town’s walls. The English lady brought exotic plants from the southern hemisphere to this wonderful garden of olive, almond, and carob trees, where classical statues and large earthenware jars are placed side by side with the typical beehives that reproduce the look of Japanese pagodas.

Take a relaxing break and take a walk by the sea to the beach of Isola Bella. Taormina’s loveliest strip of sand lies at the foot of the town, resting opposite the islet by the same name that us linked to the mainland by a narrow strip of sand that appears and disappears with the tides.

Our tour stops in the Medieval hamlet of Castelmola, rising on a rocky outcrop. A web of narrow alleys and stairways opens onto enchanting views of the sea, made even more magical by the soundtrack of cicadas and lapping waves. Have a sip of the delicious Vino alla Mandorla (almond wine) in Caffè San Giorgio founded by monks in 1700 and located in Castelmola’s main square. The wine, seasoned according to ancient Greek infusion techniques, was invented by Don Vincenzo Blandano, one of the café’s first managers who welcomed visitors with a tumbler of the exquisite liqueur.


Make time from shopping at the luxury boutiques of Taormina to taste a delicious granita (slush) at one of the town’s many clubs and bars. Finally, go back to your luxury charter to sail on a tour of Sicily’s best spots. Our recommendation? A journey from Trapani to Marsala passing for the Aegadian Islands.


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