Liguria and the Five Lands: explore the natural heritage

Liguria and the Five Lands: explore the natural heritage

Featuring more than 300 kilometers of steep cliffs and rugged coastline dotted with jutting peaks and vast expanses of Mediterranean scrub, Liguria offers an ample choice of cultural and culinary itineraries, scuba diving options in the waters of maritime parks, and trekking excursions in the heart of nature. The scenery and entertainment options of its Cinque Terre (“Five Lands”), Gulfs of Poeti, Tigullio, and Paradiso will satisfy even the most demanding of travelers. Sanremo and Portofino, exclusive and amazing locations, brim with occasions to shop and make the most of the international social life.

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    • La Spezia
      Your yacht charter Liguria route can start from La Spezia, a city that has always been connected to the history of the Navy. It is worth visiting the Naval Museum, as well as the archaeological collections preserved in the Castle of San Giorgio overlooking the city. Make sure to taste the local specialty “mes-ciua,” typical cereal soup, before leaving La Spezia.

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    • Bocca di Magra
      Next day head for Bocca di Magra, known for being the meeting place of famous artists and writers, such as Montale, Einaudi, Pavese and Vittorini who made it their summer residence. This small town is perfect for people looking for a peaceful getaway in the beautiful surrounding. Bocca di Magra is a fantastic destination for discovering small islets, hidden coves and out-of-sight beaches, which are only accessible by water. This is why Bocca di Magra appeals to a large number of yacht charterers.

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    • Erice
      On the third day aboard your Liguria yacht charter you can stop in Erice, a lovely village surrounded by a heavenly landscape that inspired many artists, with an ancient castle situated on the highest point of the bay, and the walls surrounding the old city. Do not miss the Chapel of St. Anastasia and the hexagonal tower. You can moor in the Gulf of Poets to enjoy the splendour of the sunset at this Ligurian pearl.

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    • Portovenere
      On the fourth day aboard your charter yacht you can head to Portovenere, a picturesque seaside village. Dating back to Roman period and overlooking the emerald sea, it is framed by three charming islands “Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto”. Portovenere houses the church of St. Peter on the promontory that you can reach by going through the village, Byron cave, the castle and the church of St. Lawrence. You should then stay in town for dinner and try fresh fish on the “calata.”

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    • Riomaggiore
      Another amazing place of the “Cinque Terre” is Riomaggiore. Cruise or sail there on the fifth day of your boat charter in Cinque Terre. Enjoy a walk through town, where the houses that pepper the hillsides are built one next to another and painted with the typical colours of Liguria. Near the small beach of Fossola, you can set on the Torre Guardiola trail to enjoy superb vegetation and clear views up and down the coast. Couples cannot miss the famous “Love Road”, a picturesque path that begins in Riomaggiore and leads to Manarola, which is the second village of the Cinque Terre.

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    • Comiglia
      On the sixth day of your Cinque Terre boat charter you get to Corniglia where a long and spectacular  cliff connects to a nearby town by a staircase of 365 steps, just like the days of the year. The village is very ancient and charming and has preserved stone houses. From the terrace, which is the last point of the village overlooking the sea, you can admire the ancient valley of the mills. Relax for a day on the Guvano beach and enjoy an invigorating swim in the sea. If you arrive by yacht in May, do not miss the legendary local festivities, such as “Stappamaggio,” the feast of the “Sciacchetrà.”

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    • Vernazza
      On the seventh day you will arrive in Vernazza, a town that consists of a complex web of “alleys” and steep staircases. Go ashore and reach the small square by the sea that is the center of the town and where there is a church dedicated to St. Margaret of Antioch, or go to the castle located on the other side of town.

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    • Monterosso
      You will reach Monterosso on the eighth day your Liguria yacht charter holidays: it is a small fishing village, which is a part of the “Cinque Terre National Park”. Get off the yacht and walk in the historic center along the “narrow streets,” where you can drink a glass of “sciacchetrà” in one of the local wineries or take a stroll to the former Convent of the Capuchins.

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    • Levanto
      You can reach Levanto on the ninth day of your luxury yacht charter in Cinque Terre. It is an agricultural village, called “the gateway to the Cinque Terre.” It boasts one of the largest beaches in the area, which has recently become popular with surfers. In Levanto you can see the church of St Andrew, the medieval lodge, an ancient fortress surrounding the village and the clock tower. Before going back aboard your hired yacht, try the famous “gattafin” and stock up on the wonderful local olive oil.

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    • Bonassola
      On the tenth day of your Cinque Terre boat charter navigate to Bonassola, one of the most picturesque towns on the Ligurian coast with a myriad of narrow alleyways filled with local craft shops. The bay has a half-moon shape and offers a well-equipped beach. In Bonassola there are several spectacular bars and restaurants perfect for a relaxing drink or for a romantic dinner by candlelight.

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    • Portofino
      The last stop of your luxury yacht charter in Liguria is Deiva Marina, which has one of the largest sandy beaches in Liguria. You can enjoy an invigorating swim in the clear blue sea there, which has been awarded the European Blue Flag several times. Strategically located between the “Cinque Terre” and Portofino, Deiva Marina is connected to the most beautiful resorts of the “Riviera di Levante” and is the ideal destination for sea lovers.

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