Greece: the archipelago of culture, art, and emotion

Greece: the archipelago of culture, art, and emotion

The best way to plan a relaxed holiday in Greece is a luxury yacht charter in order to explore the beautiful and ancient islands bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Greece offers numerous islands: if you want to experience a holiday on board a rented yacht you may plan a route between the Ionian and the Aegean Sea. Every day you can change harbors and destinations and visit charming and historical places.

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    • You can start your holiday on board a yacht charter from visiting Athens, Greece capital city. Then you can visit the bay of Soúnion and then the island of Kea, with the picturesque village of Vourkari. Here you can find excellent restaurants where you can enjoy fantastic dishes based on fish.

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    • From Kea, with your luxury hired yacht, you can navigate until Tinos, a wild island, famous for its windmills and the beautiful church of Panagia Evangelistria. You can continue until the island of Mykonos, during the day full of sunlight and with heavenly sandy beaches, and in the evening center of the nightlife, with its famous clubs and bars.

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    • On the third day onboard your yacht charter you can navigate to the beautiful islands of Delos and Paros. Delos is less known and is the mythical birthplace of Apollo and Artemis as well as being one of the most important historical and archaeological sites in Greece. Paros is a renowned tourist destination, famous for its sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and a lively nightlife.

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    • On the fourth day on board of your rented charter you can visit Ios, the burial place of Homer. Today the island is a popular destination among young people, and offers beautiful beaches, including Mylopotas and Yialos, and ancient churches such as the Monastery of St. John.

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    • If you want to experience a holiday onboard a yacht charter you cannot miss Santorini, an island destroyed by an eruption and linked to the legend of Atlantis. The island has a deep and very sheltered harbor, suitable for hired yacht of any size.

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    • With a luxury yacht charter you can get to Sifnos, the island of Apollo, with green valleys, famous beaches and several delightful towns including the medieval village of Kastro. This small village is located on the eastern side of the island, is surrounded by ancient walls that protect a maze of alleys. For docking, you can choose the bay of Vathi.

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    • The seventh day of your charter yacht journey around the Greek islands, you can visit Serifos, famous for its charming villages and spectacular rock formations. From the town of Chora you can enjoy a breathtaking and truly unforgettable view of the bay.

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    • The last stop of your trip aboard a hired yacht is Kithnos, with several anchor points, crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. The beautiful bay of Kolona has a narrow strip of beach that links the mainland to the islet of Agios Loukas. You can choose Kithnos as a landing point. Your cruise on a luxury yacht charter ends here.

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