Corsica: discover hidden nature

Corsica: discover hidden nature

One of the most picturesque destinations of the Mediterranean, located at a close distance from the French Coast, Corsica was home to the exiled Bonaparte and offers a unique travelling experience. Also known as “Beauty Island”, its lush vegetation, trekking and fishing options, and white sands and seabed reminiscent of Sardinia combine to create a please-all holiday destination. Partially deserted, Corsica features fully-equipped natural and artificial harbors and modern structures, as well as a Regional Nature Park located in the island’s wildest area.

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    • Bonifacio
      Board your luxury Mediterranean yacht in Bonifacio, which is located in Southern Corsica. You won’t be able to resist the charm of this ancient town and its cozy alleys perched on a cliff. Bonifacio is a fascinating city and is the perfect place to enjoy local specialties at one of its bars or restaurants.

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    • Gulf of Valinco, Porto Pollo
      Continue your luxury yacht charter to the west coast of Corsica, and stop in the Gulf of Valinco, perhaps, one of the most beautiful bays of the coast. North of the bay is Cappicciolo, where you’ll find stunning coves with golden sand surrounded by rocks, and the famous Porto Pollo. In this area there are many prehistoric and ancient castles.

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    • Ajaccio
      Dedicate the third day of your yacht charter in Corsica to Ajaccio, the famous birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. Situated on a sunny bay and surrounded by citrus trees, olive groves and vineyards, Ajaccio is an amazing and historic place. At the center of the city is Place Foch, a square with palm trees, surrounded by small restaurants. Soak up all the beauty and sophistication of this wonderful destination and enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate sun tanning on your charter yacht moored off the coast of the island.

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