The Amalfi Coast: the good life at a stone’s throw from the sea

The Amalfi Coast: the good life at a stone’s throw from the sea

Faced with the world’s most known islands -Capri and Ischia- there is the Amalfi Coast, among lemon and orange trees and rocks characterized by the Mediterranean scrub’s colors. A winding road that connects many timeless small towns, among the rocky ridges which forms recall the deep of the sea, it’s an endless succession of small coves and beaches. On the Amalfi Coast, tradition and infinite charm, unique views and unrivaled views blend together. Going on vacation with a yacht here on the Coast, means lost yourself among the oldest villages in the world: Amalfi, Positano, Furore, Ravello, Minori and Vietri sul Mare. It means to give yourself unforgettable and unrivaled feelings.


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    • Start in Naples
      A good place to start your yacht charter in the Amalfi Coast is the harbor of Naples, where you can moor during the first night. In the evening we suggest that you go ashore for a drink or for a chic fish dinner on the waterfront in Mergellina.

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    • Sorrento
      During the second day of your yacht rental, you can navigate along the coast and after a few nm you will find Sorrento. You can relax on board your hired yacht in Sorrento and then go onshore for a quiet afternoon of tasting local specialties, or for a night out in one of the nightclubs in town.

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    • Positano, Li Galli islands
      In the morning you can reach Nerano, a beautiful bay for wild-sea lovers. Marina del Cantone boasts numerous restaurants where you can taste superb local specialties. A short distance from there is Positano where you can spend the third day of your yacht charter relaxing, swimming, discovering the town and shopping. After a shopping tour, you can go on board and leave for an excursion to the three Li Galli islets, which are located just in front of Positano. On the largest islet is the villa built by Le Corbusier, where a famous ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev spent the last period of his life.

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    • Positano, Amalfi
      Next on the itinerary is the beautiful Praiano, where the Emerald Grotto and then the spectacular fjord of Furore are situated. The first resort of Amalfi you’ll see is la “Vite”, which is located 4 km from the city center, bordering the village of Conca dei Marini. Continuing on, you can reach Amalfi, where you can moor overnight. Here you will discover the beauty of the town, an ancient maritime Republic, famous for its beautiful Arab-Sicilian cathedral now dedicated to Saint Andrew, the local patron saint. You can go through to the fascinating alleys before returning on board your luxury charter vessel.

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    • Vietri sul Mare, Maiori, Minori
      On the fifth day of your Amalfi Coast yacht charter, you can organize an excursion to the beautiful Vietri sul Mare, famous for its ceramics. On the way back, you can stop for a swim in Cetara. After Erchie, a tiny fishing village, you will find Maiori and Minori. In Maiori you can go for an unforgettable swim in a cave and later enjoy lunch at one of the majestic seaside restaurants. Make sure to try the local specialty – the famous lemon “delizie.” You can then moor in Amalfi or Positano for the night.

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    • Sorrento bay, Naples
      On the sixth day you can navigate back along the coast while admiring once again Sorrento bay and a wonderful Amalfi coastline. You will be able to reach Naples by afternoon. Once in Naples, you can either finish your yacht charter of the Amalfi Coast or carry on sailing or cruising following the itinerary of Capri, Ischia, Ponza and Ventotene.

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