Golf and Yacht: Turn the Blue of the Ocean into the Green of Your Fairway

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  • 29/06/2016

The latest craze to take the yachting world by storm is impressing sports enthusiasts and environmentalists alike: Golf and Yacht. The innovative company is bringing the game of golf to the decks of both private superyachts and luxury yachts for charter all over the world. And while the question on most people’s lips will rightly be “but what about the balls?!”, Francis Jacquemin has the answer: biodegradable golf balls that are filled with fish feed.

Ex-professional golfer, Francis Jacquemin, traded the PGA for the open ocean in a bid to bring ecologically-friendly golf to the yachting world. Francis’ company offers biodegradable golf balls, which take approximately 24 hours to turn into fish feed, and a range of fun golfing accessories and innovative golfing technologies. From floating targets to analysing machines that allow you to review your swing, Golf and Yacht is sure to improve your technique from the comfort of your yacht, under the watchful eye of an ex-professional golfer.

“Being a former champion of international golf, I decided to convert my skills to become a private golf coach. Considering that golf is not and an ecologically-friendly sport due to the loss of balls, I decided to form Golf and Yacht. We offer biodegradable golf balls, which dissolve in water after 24 hours and provide food for fish. This enables me to teach on private yachts, seafront villas and hotels, without the trouble of having to find a course. Losing balls is now for a good cause. Additionally, I give golf lessons on golf courses all over the world. The ocean is your green.”

-Francis Jacquemin.

When not visiting clients on yachts, Francis travels the world, providing golf lessons to those that wish to improve their game. His years of experience enables him to provide top quality coaching to players of all standards. Whether on the aft deck of a luxurious superyacht, or on a scenic beach in an exotic location, Francis’ lessons are unique to say the least. Yacht decks are protects by ergonomic golf mats, which make players feel like they’re playing on the grass of the world’s finest courses, rather than from a motor yacht charter.

Francis is also involved in the organisation of the first ever Monaco celebrity golf tournament, which will be held at the Mont Agel Golf Club, which has exited for 100 years. In addition to playing the course with a celebrity, VIP guests will have the opportunity to hit balls from the new Monaco Yacht Club at a floating target.

The Cannes Yacht Show 2016

Francis Jacquemin, and Golf and Yacht, will be attending the Cannes Yacht Show 2016, demonstrating the appeal of his product to yacht owners and charterers. He will be offering the opportunity to experience the feel of the organic golf balls, under the watchful eye of a trained professional. Unusually, Golf and Yacht’s sponsor – Honma – will also be attending the event, travelling all the way from Japan for the occasion to meet potential customers.

If you would like any additional information about yacht charters this summer, please contact a member of the Silver Star Yachting team.

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