Why A Fully Crewed Yacht Charter Is The Ultimate Luxury

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  • 28/05/2020

It’s no secret that a yacht charter is one of the most luxurious holidays that you can treat yourself to. Think of a superyacht as your very own on-the-water retreat for you and your family, where you can relax, unwind and bond. However, what you may not know is the very important role that the crew play on a yachting escape. From the incredible chief stewardess who will look after you from the minute you step on the yacht to the highly-motivating personal trainer who will help you look and feel your best, every crew member onboard has one shared goal  – to make this your best holiday ever. 


Here’s a breakdown of just some of the incredibly wide range of skills your crew can offer you on a fully crewed yacht charter.


Behind the scenes on a fully crewed yacht charter



You may think that a Captain’s only role on a crewed yacht charter vacation is to get the yacht safely to its next destination. However, in fact their role is all-encompassing, similar to that of a CEO in that they are responsible for every aspect of the yachting experience. From finding you that perfect romantic island to anchor off to hosting a sophisticated soiree for which they import your favourite, niche brand of Champagne, the buck stops with the Captain in terms of making sure you enjoy your time onboard. No matter how crazy your request, don’t be afraid to ask! 


The Captain Is In Charge Of Making You Happy On A Fully Crewed Yacht Charter


Stews & Deckhands

The overarching job of a steward or stewardess is to ensure that the guests’ needs are attended to with 5-star service, and to clean and maintain the interior of the yacht. Likewise, deckhands are in charge of keeping the exterior of the yacht shipshape and providing service where needed. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what they can offer. 


Many enhance their CVs by training as sommeliers or taking cocktail making courses, meaning they will be able to whip you up any drink you desire, no matter how obscure. Many also take diving or watersports certifications, so as to be able to teach their guests these skills even on the most remote islands, where no alternative instructors are available. A fully crewed yacht charter means never having to forgo your holiday wishes – there will always be someone on hand to take care of them.


Masseuses & Fitness Trainers

A crewed yacht charter may not always include these niche roles, but if you would like these services onboard your broker certainly will be able to make this happen. Some boats may have stews or deckhands who can offer these services as extra to their usual roles, while bigger superyachts with dedicated spas may have full-time staff dedicated to health and well-being.


From yoga or pilates instructors to HIIT workout experts who will have you sweating it out in the yacht’s private gym, your experience can be tailored to your specific fitness needs on a fully crewed yacht charter. And when it’s time to relax and warm your muscles down, the onboard masseuse will be there to provide you with whatever you desire, from gentle aromatherapy or a seaweed wrap to an intense deep tissue massage.


A Crewed Yacht Charter Means Dedicated Wellness Staff



What would a holiday be without all the incredible food? Of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to step off your yacht charter and sample exquisite cuisine prepared by local cooks, but what about the rest of the time? 


Yacht chefs are there to satisfy all your cravings, whether you need a breakfast smoothie crammed full of fresh fruits or an indulgent late-night snack. Before the trip even begins, your broker will pass on a list of all of your preferences, so that by the time you step onboard the chef has already crafted menus designed to satisfy your taste buds. And if you have a last-minute recipe request, however hard the ingredients are to get hold of, they will try their very best to source it and get it prepared for you. 


A crewed yacht charter vacation means zero compromises and potentially the best vacation of your life. Contact our expert yacht brokers to find out more. 

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