Eastern Sicily’s top five beaches
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Eastern Sicily’s top five beaches

Sicily is a favorite destination of yachties. Renting a luxury charter is the best option to test the many itineraries of an exciting holiday in this wonderful island. Besides discovering the charming Aeolian and Aegadian Islands, make the out-of-the-ordinary experience of embarking on a tour of Taormina inspired by La Dolce Vita and snorkel across unexplored underwater worlds.


Whether you are planning to devote your time to sports, relaxation, or tasting the local cuisine (have you read our post on Sicily’s Master Confectioners?) you will be happy to check our recommendations of Eastern Sicily’s top five beaches. Here it is!

#1 Fontane bianche

Named “The Mediterranean’s Tropics” by magazine Il Sole24Ore, Fontane bianche is one of the loveliest beaches of Eastern Sicily. The name of this charming spot (white fountains, in Italian) resting in a bay west of Punta del Cane, is due to the water fountains that are scattered in the area and to the sand’s light color. The dark blue sea washes on an ivory-colored, three-kilometer long strip of sand, surrounded by reefs that invite snorkeling and diving adventures.

Once in Fontane bianche visit the nearby town of Siracusa or the prehistoric village of Plemmirio located in a protected marine area dotted with lovely corals and home to Pinna Nobilis, the largest species of clam found in the Mediterranean.


#2 The beach of Isola Bella

The beach of Isola Bella, to the south of Taormina, is definitely one of Eastern Sicily’s best strands. Depending on the tide, this unique and picturesque site is either cut off from the mainland or linked to it by a narrow strip of sand that lands at the foot of Sant’Andrea’s promontory. Fragrant Mediterranean shrub covers the small outcrop, while starfish, corals, sea urchins, and morays dot its ground. Make time to visit Grotta delle Conchiglie and Grotta Azzurra.


#3 Marinello’s beach and small lakes

If you love to spend time in the nature, visit the beach of Marinello that lies at the foot of Tindari’s promontory. This Nature Reserve is one of the dreamiest spots of Sicily’s Eastern shore. Narrow strips of sand form a small peninsula, creating sandy shapes on the surface of the sea that change shape with the tide, forming small lakes. The Mediterranean shrub, with its capers, figs, myrtle, and reeds, forms the perfect frame for a destination where sun, sand, and sea mix in a wonderful spectacle.

spiagge belle sicilia orientale

#4 Spiaggia di Calamosche

Find Calamosche (or Cala delle Mosche), one of the most charming beaches in Sicily, inside Vendicari Nature Reserve. Years ago the site was awarded Legambiente’s “Italy’s top beach” accolade. This slice of paradise nestles between two rocky outcrops and is rarely crowded, even in the summer months. Only the undertow breaks the silence of this small spot surrounded by salt cedars, heather, and junipers.


#5 Cala Junco, Panarea

Eastern Sicily does not lack charming beaches and it is hard to make a list of the best ones. Sail towards Panarea, one of the Aeolian Islands, and anchor your boat in the enchanting and picturesque Cala Junco, certainly one of the top-five strands of Estern Sicily.

The bay is shaped like a small amphitheatre and surrounded by rocky outcrops. These create a natural pool boasting a colorful seabed populated by different species of fish, a must for snorkeling fans.


Sicily is a charming land packed with the beautiful remains of centuries of history that have influenced its Mediterranean gastronomy and urban outlook. At the same time, its dazzling landscape is dotted with picture-perfect spots to visit on your next charter holiday. Are you looking for inspiration? Read our post on Sicily’s best islands  for recommendations on how to plan the perfect tour of the region!


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