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  • 21/03/2019

Mykonos is one of the main destinations of charter cruises in Greece. Together with Santorini, whose stores offer exclusive shopping occasions, Mykonos is one of the top-trending destinations, ideal if you are dreaming of a fun holiday in the heart of nature.

Plan to stop in this charming island full of wonderful beaches on your next yacht itinerary of the Cyclades.

Yachting in Mykonos: the most charming beaches

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach, close to the smaller Super Paradise Beach, is Mykonos’ most popular beach. Emerald waters wash over a beach of extra-fine sand lined with clubs, restaurants and discos. Here, celebrity DJs play at all hours of the day and night, pumping music at never-ending parties that begin at sunset and go on through the night. Youths from all over the world meet on this cosmopolitan beach, just the right spot for party animals.


Paraga is one of Mykonos’ most exclusive beaches, located in the south-east of the island near Paradise Beach. A hippie enclave in the 1970s, it is divided in two parts (with one half being much busier than the other) by a cliff. The music that plays until late in the night lends the site the party atmosphere that is its main characteristic.

Yacht Noleggio Mykonos


The strong winds that blow in Kalafatis attract fans of watersports and windsurfing to the south-east of the island, overlooking the Gulf of Tarsana. Less crowded than Paraga and Paradise Beach, this site boasts ultra-fine sand, a transparent sea and a relaxed atmosphere. A narrow strip of sand separates it from the small and cozy escape of Agia Anna, ideal to keep away from the crowd for a few hours.


Psarou is a beautiful gem on the south-west of Mykonos. Its clear seabed and very white sand make it a perfect spot to practice several water sports. And if you want to improve your skills you can enrol at one of the sport schools available on site. Psarou is perfect to enjoy lunch at one of the many luxury hotels overlooking the bay that offer an incredibly sophisticated cuisine.

Crociera Yacht Mykonos


Elia is a meeting place of local and international celebrities who enjoy the mild climate of this not-so-windy stretch of golden sand. The beach flaunts Mykonos’ party atmosphere but lacks the crowd that packs other sites, while the exclusive restaurants and hotels scattered on the bay attract tourists with an interesting offer of local and international gastronomy.

Panormos e Agio Sotis

The beaches on Mykonos’ northern coastline are less busy than those in the south but are intensely picturesque. In Panormos and Agios Sotis you will find ample and peaceful spots and a wild landscape enclosed by a nature reserve and the Marathi lake.


Merisini is yet another charming spot in the north of the island. This quiet escape is frequented by surfers and snorkelers who flock to this site to don mask and flippers to explore the beautiful seabed.


Merchia is a secluded paradise away from the crowds that pack the trendiest beaches. Its deep waters, cliffs and lack of tourist facilities make it one of Mykonos’ most charming escapes.


When is the best time to visit Mykonos most charming beaches on a yacht? May, June, September and October are the best months if you wish to steer clear of the crowd and enjoy the charming beauty of the island’s nature that, devoid of the summer crowd, flaunts its most authentic side against a natural view of rare beauty.


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