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  • 19/05/2017

Mention of the Cyclades conjures a picture of burning sunsets and white square houses, waters as deeply blue s the shades of the houses and the history of a great civilization with its myths, art, and literature. These elements cannot but lend a magical touch to a charter cruise of Greece. Rent a luxury yacht and sail to these sites for an exciting holiday where the charm of ancient civilizations lives on in the nooks and crannies of enchanted landscapes.

Located in the Southern Aegean Sea, the archipelago of the Cyclades is composed of 220 islands – with 30 main ones. Legend has it that the islands spread in a circle around the ancient city of Delos. Stretches of golden sand, majestic cliffs, windmills, small villages painted in the vibrant colors of jasmine, geraniums, and bougainvilleas dot the Cyclades, each of which has a unique charm.

Read on for our recommendation of one of many possible tours of the archipelago on a luxury charter.

Yachting in the Cyclades: Kea

Kea is an exclusive paradise of the Cyclades,located away from the more popular destinations of Mykonos and Santorini. A recommended site for tourists in search of a sophisticated spot to relax in untouched nature, it has become a popular destination of the Greek bourgeoisie.
The island is a diving and snorkeling paradise, boosting fantastic underwater landscapes home to picturesque wrecks that include the HMHS Britannic, Titanic’s twin ocean liner.


Yachting in the Cyclades: Mykonos

Myconos Grecia Yacht Noleggio

A tour of the Cyclades must include Mykonos, the most popular island of the archipelago. Home to the international jet set attracted by its exciting nightlife, the southern and more packed part of the island boosts crowded stretches of white sand that are barely touched by the meltemi, the dry and fresh wind that sweeps the archipelago in the summer months. The northern beaches are more quiet and recommended for tourists who do not like to mingle with the crowd.
Don’t forget to have a cocktail at Hotel Belvedere, one of Mykonos’s best and most glamorous hotels. Sip your drink overlooking the sunset lighting up the lovely marine landscape.


Yachting in the Cyclades: Paros

Paros Cicladi Yacht Noleggio

Paros is one of the most cosmopolitan destinations of the Cyclades where the nightlife mostly happens on the western coastline, in Parikia. What to visit in Paros? Parikia is the island’s main harbor and administrative center. Leave from there on one of the many available art and culture tours, including a visit to the church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani (The Virgin of One Hundred Doors), Greece’s oldest Byzantine church built by Saint Helena, mother of the Emperor Costantine.
Close to Parikia is Krios or (Kriò), a small beach caressed by shallow waters that are great to snorkel. Kolibithres close to Naoussa is one of Paros’ most beautiful stretches of sand, featuring three distinct beaches, the central and best one being encased by wind shaped rocks.


Yachting in the Cyclades: Naxos

Naxos is the biggest island of the Cyclades and the greenest, featuring valleys packed with lemon and orange trees, figs, and olive trees, as well as vineyards yielding the best type of national wine. Naxos is a destination of sports lovers that include snorkeling, windsurfing, and trekking on mount Zas, the highest mountain of the archipelago with its 1000 meters.
Point your luxury charter to Naxos’ western coast to reach the best beaches of the island but without first paying a visit to Apollonas, Mikri Vigla, Agia Anna and Agios Porkopio. Hora is the main anchoring spot and the heart of Naxos’ nightlife.    

Yachting in the Cyclades: Delos

The sacred and evocative island of Delos is a must-visit destination of your luxury yacht tour of the Cyclades. This uninhabited UNESCO Heritage Site is among Greece’s main archeological sites. The birthplace of Apollo and Arthemis it was an important exchange hub between the West and the East and a prominent cultural and spiritual center. Among the historical testimonies found on Delos are the Sanctuary of Apollo, the lake, the theater and the archeological findings of mount Kinthos.


Yachting in the Cyclades: Santorini

Grecia Yacht Santorini

In the village of Ia, in Santorini, the copper reflexes of the sunset enfold you like a magical light erupting from the heart of an ancient volcano. Due to the island’s unique geology its beaches are very different from those of other destinations of the Cyclades. Red Beach boosts red sand, Perissa and Kamari are charming. Santorini also offers great historical and cultural attractions, like the ruins of Ancient Thera, or the Paleolithic Akrotiri, a prehistoric settlement paralyzed by a volcanic eruption.

The Cyclades are a perfect destination for a luxury yacht charter. Their different features make for a perfect tour that includes architectural, naturalistic, and social attractions.

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