What to Consider Before Chartering a Yacht

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  • 13/01/2015


With a fleet of over 1,400 yachts to choose from and numerous fantastic destinations to visit across the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, choosing the perfect yacht charter holiday can be difficult.

We have therefore formulated all the most important questions to consider before investing in a luxury yacht charter holiday.

  • Where would you like to explore? – The choice of destination plays a crucial role in the success of your luxury yacht charter Each of our destinations offers something different throughout the year, whether that is a cruise through history on a yacht charter in Greece, an adventure on the rugged Croatian coastline, a romantic trip on Italy’s shores, a glamorous excursion to the French Riviera or a relaxing winter holiday in the exotic Caribbean. Once you know what kind of holiday you are looking for, our agents will help you choose the best yacht to make your vacation afloat impeccable.
  • When should you reserve your yacht charter holiday? – Although weather upon the Mediterranean and Caribbean is generally reliable, other factors such as official holidays will nonetheless impact the schedules of restaurants or tourist attractions. Plus, depending on the month of the year, the number of tourists at a destination of a choice can vary significantly, affecting the way you experience that place. However, during the peak seasons you can still find lots of spots of tranquility – that’s the beauty of discovering the Mediterranean aboard a yacht. At Silver Star Yachting, we offer varying prices depending on the time of the season. Off-peak and high season offer entirely different holiday experiences and so it is essential that holiday dates are carefully considered.
  • Sailing yacht charter or motor yacht charter? – Silver Star Yachting offers premium yacht charter holidays aboard both sailing and motor yachts. While sailing yachts deliver the promise of the much-romanticised authentic sailing experience, motor yachts guarantee a relaxing and sophisticated holiday at sea. Your final decision may well depend on your choice of destination.
  • Yacht of which size should you charter? – Likewise, the answer to this question may depend on your choice of destination. A smaller, more nimble yacht may be preferable in Croatia where the marinas are small, or among the Greek islands. On the other hand, a larger vessel may suit the glamorous French Riviera or the accommodating ports of Sardinia and Corsica. Another factor to consider is the number of guests and crew you wish to have aboard. Silver Star Yachting has a portfolio of yachts of different sizes ranging from Okeanos at 14.0m with a crew of two to our largest yacht the 133.9m Serene with 52 members of staff.
  • What is your budget? – Prices on all Silver Star Yachting vessels depend primarily on the time of the season and the number of crew and guests aboard. Other expenditures need to be accounted for however. For example, the cost of restaurants and entertainment on land as well as the customary tip that is paid to the captain and his crew at the end of the holiday.
  • What features would you like your yacht to have? – Depending on whether you have special requirements or interests, your decision could be swayed towards a child friendly yacht, a yacht with disabled access, a yacht with a Jacuzzi, a gym, a health and beauty centre or a private cinema. Yacht features also extend to tenders and toys. Each of our yachts offers different combinations of yacht tenders and toys so you can truly find a yacht charter that is tailored to your needs.

Now one of the Mediterranean’s leading yacht charter companies, Silver Star Yachting offers the exciting opportunity to choose from a wide selection of sailing and motor yachts in various locations across the world. Please visit the Silver Star Yachting website for more information or contact a yacht charter specialist on +39 081 983719 for advice and support on deciding your yacht charter holiday this year.


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