Sailing in Croatia: the most beautiful islands of the Kvarner archipelago

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  • 24/05/2017

Croatia is great destination for a luxury yacht cruise
An attractive mix of beautiful sceneries, artistic itineraries, and the enthralling history of some towns to visit on a brief stop make the islands of the Kvarner Gulf some of the most popular luxury yachting attractions in Croatia. If you love nature make time for a visit to the three wonderful national parks:


–  Brijuni Islands National Park: the synergy of available experiences makes it a yachtmen paradise: gala dinners in picturesque venues, golf and tennis matches, and more. Inlets and pebbly beaches dot the coastline, inviting visitors to bathe and enjoy a few relaxing hours on a luxury charter.

–  The Plitvice Lakes National Park, boasting thick woods, rivers, and enchanting waterfalls

–  Risnjack National Park  the ideal site for trekking enthusiasts



Noleggio Yacht Lusso Croazia
Visit the many islands of the Kvarner archipelago on a one-week yacht tour of Croatia and pick your favorite ones. We recommend sailing further south than the packed Krk and Cres towards the more exclusive and secluded Unije, Susak, Ilovik and Oriule. Read on for our tips on what to see in the Kvarner Archipelago.

Sailing in the Kvarner archipelago: the island of Unije

Unije is a must-visit site of a yacht tour of Croatia. The magic of this charming island of white-pebble beaches and pure water will steal your heart. The local vegetation abounds with the intoxicating scent of wild herbs: yarrow, myrtle, heather, and fennel cover the calcareous rocks along the Mediterranean scrub that grows luxuriantly all over the island.

Unije belongs to a part of the Mediterranean that is yet to be discovered, where time seems to have stopped, creating a magical atmosphere where a tiny fisherman village lays surrounded by untouched vegetation and a rocky coastline. Sail to the island on your yacht to experience something that couldn’t be furthest from the quick-paced excitement of other crowded Croatian destinations.

Sailing in the Kvarner archipelago: wine tasting on Susak’s beach

Sail south toward Susak, the second destination of our yacht tour of the top attractions of the Kvarner Gulf. This unique island is made of layers of extrafine sand lying on a base of calcareous rock. Already in Roman times vineyards covered the whole of Susak, and today the place is renown for its good wine. Before sailing off make sure to have a taste of the local fare, the oldest wine of the Adriatic. The Trojscina variety is a salmon-colored red with an intense smell that matches perfectly with the local squid, whose delicious taste is due to the algae eaten by the fish that grow abundantly in the surrounding waters.

 Sailing in the Kvarner archipelago: make a splash in Orjule and Tomazina

Lunch in a quiet natural harbor and enjoy its relaxing atmosphere and the calming rolling of the waves before sailing to the enchanting islands of uninhabited Orjule and Tomazina, resting between Cres and Losinj. Here, unspoiled nature and the silence that is only occasionally broken by the crashing of the waves conjure a reinvigorating experience to spend a few hours in the water.

Sailing in the Kvarner archipelago: Losinj and Lussingrande

Losinj, located in the northern part of the Kvarner Gulf, is a narrow and elongated island boosting lots of bays and inlets. Find the best beaches in the west: Artatore, Liski, Cikat, Krivica, and Balvanida.

Anchor your charter in the equipped marina of Lussinpiccolo, Losinj’s administrative center. However, the island’s most interesting spot is Lussingrande, a small fisherman town featuring a web of narrow alleys and colorful houses resting on a green hill. Visit the Baroque church of Saint Anthony of Egypt and Apoksiomen, a beautiful bronze statue of a young athlete dating to the 4th century and found in the sea. And don’t forget to visit Podjavori National Park!

Croatia is one of the top destinations for luxury charter cruises. Rent a yacht to match the charm of unspoiled sites and timeless artistic beauty with the taste of the Mediterranean gastronomy that preserves the best of the old culinary tradition.

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