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  • 25/04/2017

Amalfi Coast tour: 9 tips for the perfect holiday
The itineraries along the Amalfi Coast mix in evocative paths that, if experienced on a luxury charter, become simply unforgettable. Unique, world famous locations suspended between history and myth and exalted by the intense colors and tastes of Southern Italy. Recently, the British Daily Mail  has listed a tour of the Amalfi Coast as one of “Europe’s best road trips” for the breathtaking vistas and exclusive experiences awaiting visitors on the look out for the most elegant among the Mediterranean coastlines.


What to see of the Amalfi Coast in three days

It is not easy to pick the stops of a long weekend in this enchanting stretch of coastline: so numerous and beautiful are the picturesque seaside towns and, in the interior, the restaurants, beaches, and tourist spots that at the end of the trip you will look forward to get back!

Amalfi Cathedral

Amalfi Coast Luxury Yacht Charter

Amalfi Cathedral

The extraordinary Amalfi Cathedral, consecrated to the cult of St. Andrew, dominates the small town from the top of a monumental flight of stairs located just a few meters from the marina. The façade, decorated with black-and-white mosaics, is popular worldwide and is one of the icons and a must-visit spot of any tour of the Amalfi Coast. There is a small Oriental corner inside the building: Chiostro del Paradiso boosts an Arab-Norman portico with pointed arches and halfmoon-shaped capitals.

Paper Mill Museum, Amalfi

Visit the interesting Paper Mill Museum to learn about Amalfi’s historic and cultural heritage. The oldest of the four Maritime Republics, the town produced large quantities of paper thanks to the exchanges with the nearby Oriental coast. Watch how paper used to be made in old times at the Paper Mill Museum.

The Path of the Gods, Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast Luxury Yacht Charter

The Path Of The Gods, Amalfi Coast

If you like trekking you cannot miss hiking the Path of the Gods. One of Italy’s most spectacular hiking paths, it connects Bomerano and Positano, unfolding across Monti Lattari at an average height of 400-650 mt above sea level. Majestic calcareous cliffs offer spectacular vistas as the path runs through bluffs that rise steeply from the sea and rough vertical landscapes.

Sail to the Li Galli outcrops

Li Galli Outcrops Luxury Yacht Charter

The Li Galli Outcrops

Add a quick sail to the Li Galli outcrops to your yacht tour of the Amalfi Coast. Homer claims that the Sirens living this tiny archipelago tried to lure Odysseus with their chants. Il Gallo Lungo is the biggest of the three islets. Inhabited since Roman times, one of its last and more eminent dwellers was the Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev who bought the isle and lived in the gorgeous villa renovated by Le Corbusier.


Raito’s vineyards, Vietri sul Mare

If you love good wine plan a visit to Azienda Agricola Biologica Le Vigne di Raito. Here, the luxuriant vineyards that grow on terraces overlooking the sea yield the excellent Ragis Rosso and Vitamenia Rosato wines. Enjoy a guided tour and taste the local fare of Cetara anchovies, colatura di alici, the local fish sauce made from anchovies, smoked provola cheese, ricotta, mozzarella, and local cured meats. You will love this departure from more known tastes after a day spent swimming or enjoying the sea on your yacht!

Otium Spa, Minori

No tour of the Amalfi Coast is complete without a regenerating stop in a luxury spa, like Otium Spa, a beauty resort the overlooks the beach of Minori. Recalling the old splendor of the nearby Roman Villa (another must-visit spot), the spa provides a modern version of the Latin principle of otium with an offer of massages, Kneipp paths, and countless beauty treatments. Add also the lure of relaxing stops by the sea, in the shade of sails that slide slowly toward the azure water. We recommend arriving in the late afternoon to enjoy AperOtium, the exclusive aperitif-on-the-beach and then enjoy one of the many musical and theater performances hosted on the terraces. Check the schedule of events on Opium Spa’s website at the beginning of summer.


Charter Yacht Positano


An international atmosphere and the picturesque alleys radiating ‘70s freedom nostalgia make Positano one of the trendiest destinations of the Amalfi Coast. Anchor your charter in the bay and follow the call of the many arts and crafts shops selling the typical handmade Positano sandals you can even have made on the spot. Enjoy an aperitif at Buca di Bacco, Positano’s most exclusive club, and dine glamorously and romantically at the renowned La Sponda restaurant. And how about the evening? If you love to dance hit Music On the Rocks, the club built on a rock perched above the sea and a prominent meeting place of the national and international clubbing scene.

One day in the Amalfi Coast: things to do

The Amalfi Coast can steal your heart even in one day. A secluded beach, an enchanting Villa to enjoy a breathtaking sunset for a few hours before dining at an exclusive restaurant and it’s already time to leave!

Laurito beach, Positano

Positano houses a gem, one of the best-kept secrets of the coastline. Begin the day at Laurito, a beach located a few kilometers from Positano and accessible only by the sea (or by a steep flight of stairs from the interior). For a taste of paradise spend a lazy morning in the gentle waves that touch this rocky inlet. Taste Neapolitan delicacies and mouthwatering preparations of fresh fish at Da Adolfo restaurant.


Villa Cimbrone Gardens, Ravello

Have a stroll in the town and head straight to Villa Cimbrone Park. The site was created by the eccentric British lord Ernest William Beckett who bought the dilapidated place in 1904 with the intention of turning it into “the world’s most beautiful place”. Today the Villa is one of the most glamorous Hotel de Charme of the Mediterranean and the beauty of its gardens is appreciated worldwide. Let the magic of hundreds of different views adorned with statues and fountains enchant you as you walk toward “Terrazza dell’Infinito” the terrace overlooking the coastline. Ravello is the resting place of beauty par excellence, a haven of good music and art. Adored by Grieg, Wagner, Toscanini, and Bernstein, the Villa houses renowned cultural events like Ravello Festival and the chamber concertos organized by Ravello Concert Society. Stay for dinner at Flauto di Pan located inside the villa: one of the six award-winning restaurants of the Amalfi Coast.

As one of most charming coastlines of the Mediterranean the Amalfi Coast boasts unforgivable paths and wonderful destinations for the perfect holiday. What are your favorites?


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