The Best Superyacht Toys and Accessories of 2017

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  • 14/04/2017

A luxury yacht charter is the perfect way to combine scenic travel with luxurious comfort. Limited only by the fuel in the tank and your desire to explore, a crewed yacht charter caters for the most discerning of tastes in fine food, exotic destinations and fun entertainment. The latter of these features has flourished in recent years, with a host of superyacht entertainment options diversifying our time on the water. This hand-picked list of five superyacht toys and accessories of 2017 is sure to enrich your seafaring adventure this year.

1. Seabobs

As popular as ever, seabobs enable superyacht passengers to dive beneath the waves and explore life under the water. Over or under the water, the SEABOB scores high in manoeuvrability and performance. Its easy handling makes it suitable for sportspersons or people who just like to cruise. In the most exotic reaches of the ocean, the SEABOB comes into its own and makes the magical ocean available to discover.

Best Superyacht Toys Of 2016 Silver Star Yachting

2. Quadski Amphibious Vehicle

Powered by a 140bhp BMW engine, the Quadski can zip to speeds of up to 45mph on both land and sea. Extremely agile and featuring a patented jet propulsion drive, the vehicle offers an exhilarating way to transfer between your yacht and the shore. Enhance the enjoyment of your seafaring experience by carving between waves, racing around the yacht and exploring idyllic atolls. With amphibious vehicles, no destination is out of reach.

Superyacht Toys Of 2016 Silver Star Yachting

3. Lampuga Electric Surfboard

The Lampuga Electric Surfboard encapsulates the riveting potential of superyacht toys and highlights 2017 as being the most ground-breaking year to date. Constructed from only the finest materials and with a 15bhp engine, the stylish surfboard, which weighs just 37kg, accelerates to a staggering 34mph. Sustain your poise for up to 40 minutes until the battery runs out.

Superyacht Toys Of 2016 Silver Star Yachting

4. Superyacht Sub 3

Up to 3 people can dive in the Superyacht Sub 3 and explore the mystical world under the water’s surface. Dive up to 300m in this lightweight and compact submersible. The air-conditioned cockpit offers comfortable leather seats to enhance your adventure. The ultra-compact private submarine is lowered over the side of your yacht and powered by a high tech submersible battery which can allow for adventures of up to 8 hours at a time. Store this handy contraption on your yacht and dive wherever your cruise may take you.

Superyacht Toys Of 2016 Silver Star Yachting

5. SeaPool

Swim in a safe, netted area with the new SeaPool – a storable swimming pool. Expand the deck of your superyacht in 2017 by inflating the SeaPools durable frame, which can cater for sunbeds and incorporate tie-off points for jet skis. Offering a saltwater alternative to your superyacht’s pool, the innovative accessory is the latest in maritime luxury. It would be a wonderful choice for a yacht charter in Italy where the stunning scenery of the Amalfi Coast or Capri would provide an elegant backdrop when you take a dip in your private pool.

Superyacht Toys Of 2016 Silver Star Yachting

6. Powerdive

Although the Powerdive has been on the market since 1997, its appearance at Boot Dusseldorf in January 2016 underpinned its prevalence in the world of superyacht toys, even today. The advanced diving apparatus enables divers to dive to depths of up to 6m without a tank. Even the most inexperienced divers can be exploring the seabed in no time at all.

Superyacht Toys Of 2016 Silver Star Yachting

7. Flyboard

The flyboard is another superyacht toy that has been on the market for a while but is sure to entertain charterers and owners alike into 2017. Plunge into the crystalline waters of the Caribbean or soar above the Mediterranean as this innovative toy uses water propulsion to make you fly.

Best Superyacht Toys Of 2016 Silver Star Yachting

8. Seabreacher S

The Seabreacher S is the follow-up to the original model by Charterdart, a custom toy that looks like a huge fish. It’s actually a hybrid craft that blends a one-man submarine and a jet ski and is purpose built to make recreational boating as exciting as possible. Users sit inside the sealed cockpit of the semi-submersible whale, shark or dolphin shaped vehicle and manipulate the controls to flip, dive, jump and roll through the water. These don’t just look good, they also come with powerful 300 horsepower engines and can each a top speed of 60km/h.

Seabreacher S

9. The Gracie Bird Diving Board

The brand new diving board designer Molono has named this accessory after Princess Grace of Monaco. The ultra-sleek, bespoke, carbon fibre and wood diving board was inspired by the iconic Riva and Chris-Craft powerboats of the 1950s and oozes a sophistication that you would never expect a diving board to possess. It’s made to perfectly complement your yacht or beach club and can be stored in the tender garage in the protective bag it comes with. The board’s sleek design belies its robust build and it can withstand 250kg and still provide a powerful spring. This limited edition is truly exclusive with only 100 Gracie Bird diving boards being produced.

Molono Gracie Bird

10. TTR-SB Seawolf FPV

For those who love GoPro cameras and would like the experience of seeing what a submarine does without physically getting in one, the TTR-SB Seawolf FPV is probably the toy for you. Designed by Swedish company TTRobotix, the TTR-SB Seawolf is a remote-controlled submarine that allows video footage and still images to be captured underwater in depths up to 8m/26ft. It’s essentially an underwater drone that can accommodate the latest GoPro Hero4 4K camera and older versions. The remote control allows you to navigate the depths in first-person view on an 8-inch screen from the comfort of your yacht.

Many of these superyacht toys are available to experience with our central agency yachts. Please contact a member of the Silver Star Yachting team to discuss your yacht charter requirements for 2017.

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