From Bastia to Cap Corse, yachting in the north of Corsica

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  • 28/02/2022

Itinerary in the of north of Corsica Nord
Discover the fascinating and picturesque island of Corsica on a fully-equipped luxury charter. High mountains overlooking the bluest sea line the northern coast covered in Mediterranean shrub, myrtle and rosemary, marking each stop of your itinerary in the north of Corsica. Discover beautiful beaches, small hamlets surrounded by wild vegetation, lively and welcoming harbors.

Yachting in the north of Corsica: Bastia

Charming Bastia rests on a cliff rising steeply from the sea. Here, the hues of the narrow alleys and historical buildings go from dark brown to pink, creating a picture-perfect view.

A town populated by sailors and fishermen, Bastia was founded in 1378 by the Genoese governor Leonello Lomellini. Anchor your yacht in the marina and walk along one of the many possible itineraries of Bastia, in the North of Corsica. You could stroll from the historical center all the way along the perimeter of the narrow peninsula of Cap Corse, visiting picturesque towns like Pietranera and Erbalunga, or, if you are a fan of trekking hike on Mount Stello and enjoy the wonderful vista from the top.

While yachting in the north of Corsica, visit the tiny Roman village of Centuri famous for lobster fishing. Cap Corse is an evocative land featuring small villages overlooking the sea, harbors, a skyline dotted with Genoese towers and scenic roads twisting and turning through old hamlets.

Bastia boasts an Ethnographic Museum and a Museum of the Sea. Saint-Nicolas Square, which owes its name to an old, now destroyed, chapel, is home to the statue of Napoleon and to an interesting number of cultural events including the impressive fireworks of 14 July.

Before taking your leave from Bastia spend a day at Plage de Loto, one of its top beaches. This charming site that boasts extra fine sand and transparent waters is located at the end of a two-to-three walk along Sentiero dei Doganieri. Being off the beaten path, it offers a quite destination away from the more crowded spots of Northern Corsica.

What to eat at sunset, when the sea takes on the warm hue of the sun? We recommend having a glass of the typical Cap Corse aperitif at the historical shop founded by Luigi Napoleone Mattei, the man who invented the drink more than 100 years ago.

Yachting in the north of Corsica: Calvi and its surroundings

On the north western coast of Corsica visit Calvi. This has been a popular tourist spot since the early 20th century. The Citadel, protected by ochre walls, is Calvi’s main attraction, resting on a cliff overlooking the sea of Northern Corsica. Boasting old alleys, historical buildings, and typical cafes, this site built during the Genoese domination, is the symbol of the town. Find our recommendations for a trip to Calvi’s best spots in our article with an itinerary of Western Corsica.

After visiting the town hop back on your charter and sail further north, towards La Balagne. The orchards, fig trees and charming vistas of blue sea and sky of this strip of coast, one of the most popular ones of the island, earned it the name of “Corsica’s garden”.

Find the popular and packed Napoleon beach in the marine area of L’ile de Rousse. Other top attractions are Bodri and Ghjunchitu. Both beaches boast an almost tropical atmosphere, white sand, and crystal-clear waters, while their secluded position makes them ideal secluded destinations in the high season.

Wild vegetation and dreamy landscapes are Corsica’s signature look… but now it’s time to set sail to the south on our itinerary of the south of Corsica.


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