Four Incredible Places To Visit On Your Italy Yacht Charter: Discover The Adriatic Coast

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  • 18/07/2019

Located on the east side of Italy, the Italian Adriatic coast stretches from Friuli Venezia Giulia to Puglia, with an array of picturesque towns and scenery lining its shores. There are so many things to see if you’re cruising up and down this gorgeous coast on an Italy yacht charter, from Venice’s ageless glamour to exquisite architecture in Termoli. Let’s take a look at four of the must-visit spots along this underrated Italian coastline; yacht charter in Italy never looked so enticing…

Your Itinerary For The Adriatic Coast

Here’s what to see on an Adriatic Italy yacht charter

1. Grado

Located up in the north near the Gulf of Trieste, Grado is a small town situated on an island peninsula between Venice and Trieste. It is famed for its postcard-perfect harbour, as well as its lagoon, a natural oasis from which a number of community events are held throughout the year. Grado has been likened to a younger sister of Venice – it has a similar feel to the infamous floating city, but on a much smaller scale. Top sights to see include the Sant’Eufemia Cathedral, the charming waterfront, and Barbana Island, just a short cruise from Grada, which to this day is filled with practising friars.

Head To Grado On Your Italy Yacht Charter

2. Venice

We couldn’t talk about the Adriatic coast without mentioning Venice, arguably Italy’s most awe-inspiring city. Aside from the fact that it’s the only city in the world with no roads, it also features stunning architecture, cafés, wine bars, and more must-visit spots than you could ever imagine. San Marco Cathedral and the Canal Grande are obvious attractions, and we would also recommend seeing the “Bridge of Sighs” – so-named because convicted criminals would walk over it on their way to prison, sighing as they saw their last glimpse of Venice’s beauty. Plus, what better place for your Italy yacht charter than somewhere where boats are the preferred mode of transport?

Explore Venice On A Superyacht Charter

3. Cesenatico

If you like pretty harbours and colourful buildings, then you will adore Cesenatico. This exquisite seaside resort is ideal for families, as it has a huge waterpark called “Atlantica” nearby. The Porto Canale trickles through the city centre, with its banks offering relaxed, scenic strolls in the evening. Churches like the San Giacomo Apostol give you a little culture to explore if you’re interested, but Cesenatico is one of those Italian resorts that’s all about laidback barefoot living, with a vast golden-sand beach that invites you to soak up the sun. If rest and recuperation is what you crave, a couple of days in Cesenatico on your Italy yacht charter is the perfect solution.

Discover Cesenatico On A Yacht Charter

4. Termoli

An ancient fishing town with overflowing charm, Termoli is one of the most interesting and diverse places you’ll find on the Adriatic coast. Panfilo Beach offers widespread sandy shores, gin-clear waters, and pure relaxation, while the medieval quarter of Termoli has some of the most stunning architecture you will ever lay your eyes upon. Step back in time as you explore the centuries-old Termoli Cathedral; let your imagination run wild at the dramatic Castello Svevo of Termoli; sample some of the mouthwatering local cuisine, including delicious fresh pasta dishes. You’ll never want to leave…

Explore Termoli By Superyacht

Hopefully, this has helped you shape your Adriatic Italian yacht charter itinerary for this summer. If you would like any more advice, please get in contact – our dedicated charter brokers would love to help.


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